Thank you for your interest in The Kindergarten Collaborative. TKC's enrollment is currently closed but let's start collaborating now with our FREE Teacher's Guide to Kindergarten.

"If you have any doubts about it, just do it. I have been binging Netflix style." - Laura 

"I have been to workshops that said for Kindergarten but weren't so I am looking forward to only Kindergarten activities.‚Äč" -Cindy 

"I really enjoyed participating in the technology class for TKC! I learned so much in such a short amount of time! The collaboration with so many teachers was just amazing! The whole concept is unique and such an awesome idea!" - Michelle

"TKC allows me to earn clock hours and collaborate with teachers on my own time and busy schedule.  I love how I can engage with the posts when I can and catch the live video or replay anytime during the week!  I am able to take all this knowledge and implement it into my classroom the next day! My favorite part is the overall value for what you get!" -Heather

"The Kindergarten Collaborative gives you so much information! Great tips, tricks, and research based strategies that you can implement in the classroom at anytime. You are able to learn from and share ideas with other educators in an informal setting! The live sessions and recordings with wonderful experts provide much needed professional development for anyone teaching in primary grades, not just Kindergarten!" -Kim

"The Kindergarten Collaborative is a great idea! I have to admit I was doubtful that it would be that interesting but the technology session had me taking notes. When I found out we could print out free downloads I was even more excited! It was great to collaborate with other early childhood educators while earning clock hours! I would recommend this to anyone looking to become better at teaching or just wanting to try something new." - Courtney


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